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Founded in the historic lowcountry, the essence of today's supper club has come to Atlanta. Kiss Our Grits: Beta redefines what it means to have dinner, taking Atlanta by storm with their savvy, cunning, charming, brutally honest & sassy personalities. Follow these lasses as they taste Atlanta and share with you their adventures & savoir-faire: the good, the bad and the ugly... Owners beware, you've got an entertaining bunch headed your way! "We don't make dinner, we make reservations."

Friday, February 01, 2008

il Localino

'Promise we didn't really take the break that it seems- the broads of Beta actually did visit a restaurant in late November, but the whole experience wasn't much more than OK for us, so consider it better left unshared for your sake and ours...

All that to say, these bunnies definitely be rollin' out the 08s the best way we can. Those who've been blessed to walk through the narrow and cracked-stone alleys of Roma know that the charm of Italia is never found within the walls of an oversized restaurant with red-checkered table cloths. Rather, the mom n' pop hole in the wall spots with no outward expression screaming "come and eat here!!" usually know how to do it to perfection. That's why the unsuspecting green and white awning off the less trafficked side of North Highland Ave should have been enough for us to know that we had in fact landed upon a winner.

Upon walking into this natty nook, you'll find a room crazed with pictures, character and charm- we're talking everything from Madonna posters and dancing snowmen to genuine Italian vases and fine silver.

Before our hineys could rest long enough to make the seats warm, our super fun waiters, Bruno and Sammy began gracing the table with a genuine taste of Italy. Bruno, our fun ‘stached friend, grated fresh parmesan cheese off a giant wheel sitting on a waitbay next to our table, and arranged a small plate with savory olives, extra virgin olive oil and some tasty garnishes. He brought out a two foot long roll of hot toasted baguette, and after testing it’s “crunch-factor” by banging against Corn’s head, he placed it directly on the table, and the “hounds” attacked. With a touch of balsamic, Holy sheesha, this ish was de-lish! All I have to say is, try not to overdue it, bc this tastey table treat is soooo good you will fill up before dinner… we did. As if that stopped us, though… pffft!

From the moment we arrived, Bruno and Sammy never stopped making our experience fun and entertaining. Whilst chomping on bread (I always wanted to use whilst in a sentence), they grabbed random hats from the Il Localino closet and planted them on our heads- and that’s when the jest really began…

From a Spartan to a Viking, or a ninja to a lobsta’, these guys just kept pullin’ the tricks out. There was no holding back as they took free reign on decking out us ladies to their liking. It’s too bad they didn’t know us better, bc we might have enjoyed their humor more if we weren’t so humble and quiet…. IN OPPOSITE WORLD! You know the broads of beta ate this costume party up, snappin’ Kodak moments left and right! Highlight of the outfits, hands down, SAUDI PROPER.

Just when we thought they had no more tricks up their sleeve, Bruno grabbed the cork off the bottle of wine and burned it above the flame of our candle. Confused eyes roamed from face to face around the table as we questioned amongst ourselves what in the hail he was doin’. With no comment nor hesitation, he reached for Corn’s face as she squirmed and shuttered. “No no!” he reassured as he grabbed a hold, and began to draw. Seconds later we had our blonde kitty- presh a la mesh! Course Gunz wanted in on the fun, so we spread the love.

Amongst all the hilarity, there was actually some food involved. For the sake of KOG’s Southern fried roots, we went with the Calamari Fritte appetizer, to ensure we had at least a small dosage of grease in our dinner diet. Surprisingly, the calamari was just ok for us. Don’t get us wrong, it was good and good, but all of us will admit we’ve had better, so don’t consider this the selling point of why to pay this place a visit.

The apps continued with a taste of tradition and delicious Caesar salads. P.S. When did Caesar salads become Italian?? Caesar was not Italian, yet this salad has somehow become an Italian restaurant staple. Maybe like how French Fries have nothing whatsoever to do with France??! Anywursh, this was scrum-didly-yumptious. The kitchen gladly split the salads in half for us to share, so two orders more than satisfied the ruffage fix for the table of six.

Though we may have been full enough to have to go ahead and undo that top button on the britches, our eyes lit up at the sight and scent of what came out next. Bunny to my right ordered the Chicken Madeira- a boneless breast of chicken in madeira wine sauce. It looked nice and rich and was served with a creamy polenta. But Jones didn't do much damage to it, so consider that as evidence that either she was too durrn full or she preferred the baked ziti down the way that she kept stealin' bites of as the better Italian treat. Speaking of, Gunz and Liana-Liana did Italia right with creamy rich pasta and CHEEEEEESE- Baked Ziti (with 3 cheeses). You would NOT be mad at this dish if you ordered it- 'NUF SAID! It came overflowing with bubbly rich cheese, and had the whole table passing their forks down for a tastey-poo.

Then there was the Fra Diavolo (or the Shrimp Marinara). This delectable treat was good and good and it did Corn just right to satisfy her seafood and Italian craving. Speaking of seafood, this bunny couldn't not get the best fish on the menu, so you better believe my tastebuds tried the savory goodness of the Grouper ala Florentina-.... ummm, love it! (Orrr, better said "Tara's rival high school!!"). The fish, garnished with lemon slices and delicious capers, was soft and flakey and served on a bed of spinach that was sauteed to perfection- yum!

There were other delicious delicacies, but between you, me and the bedpost, we're ready to get to the post-din goods! The staff surprised our birthday bunny with a chocolate cake that was to die for, and we went ahead and stood on chairs singing and banging pots and bells in celebration! Call me an amateur, but a restaurant that lets a group like ours come in and have our own show is one that need not be mentioned lightly. THIS PLACE ROCKS!!

I'll close this rodeo with some of our final Vogue moments... the smiles and expressions should speak for themselves... we dun' had a good time!

Doesn't that just all look DIVINE???
Well, look....
The decor was superb, the grub was rather tasty, the laughs were abundant, and your mom's kinda' pasty...
The staff's not actually Italian, but who cares?- We didn't know!
We had too much fun playing all night, and putting on a fashion show.
So what are you waiting for- get on it and book your crazy fun dinner.
We promise you a night where you can't stop laughing and a feast your tastebuds will call a winner! (that was totally lame!)

KOG may not be the best at updating our fun, dynamic posts.
But visit back soon bc we're already planning our next adventure to boast!!

Tata for now- booses!!

467 N. Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307

Friday, October 12, 2007


Remember that time when six of Alanta's best would get together and bring the party to one of the A's choicest establishments for your very own personal avocation? Were you wondering whatever happended to the most entertaining group of broads you ever done seen?? Well dbm (don't be mad)- we just took a lil' breaky-poo for the summer and now the bunnies of Beta are back and in full effect.

This month, not one, but TWO members of our group found themselves celebrating another year of merriment. As the European sophistication of Persia collides with the Farmstead of Kinston, you've got quite the pair of diametric personalities to satisfy! Thanks to the vision of Chef Ford Fry, JCT. Kitchen & Bar offers something for both: the essence of a great French bistro with plates that serve up the heart and flavor of the South. Nestled in the cozy back corner of the Westside Urban Market off Howell Mill, JCT. (or Junction) seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for this birthday duo.

Naturally, when a girl considers it's her birthday, and she knows her picture is going to be on the "internets", she best make sure she look hott! So you better believe when the clock struck 7:30 p.m., seven fabulosities walked into the warm and welcoming foyer of JCT. and heads were immediately turning.

From the cool lamp shades and chic wainscot wood paneling to the incredibly comfortable "couch-booths" and dimmed lighting, everything about the ambiance said, "Feel sophisticatedly at home," so we did.... well the "at home" part at least!

Traditionally, when it comes to appetizers, there's two things we've been consistent in incorporating into our order: fried goodness and cheese. With that in mind, the JCT Onion Rings with tomato-apple ketchup (um, YUM!) and the Sweetgrass dairy Goat Cheese with framstand tomatoes and wood-grilled bread were no-brainers. Good? Doy and doy! Let's just say fingers were licked to relish the salty grease and plates were scraped for even a smidgen more of that creamy goodness on the tastebuds...
With that the meal was off to a great start. Because it had been a minute since this group had done the South up right, dinner selections were not as diverse as you may inquire. Forgive us, though. When a Beta craves her grits, step aside. She's gonna' order them, and you're gonna' be OK with it... that, or kiss 'em ;). That said, half the table ordered the incredibly delectable Georgia White Shrimp & Grits served with crusty bread for sopping. Holy Hanky Pankys, these things were AMAZING!! Sunken eyeballs in heads spoke in lieu of commentary proclaiming, "I'm in heaven, and I'm not all that aware of what you're saying to me right now... ."

Two other biscuits ordered more traditonal Southern fare with the Springer Mountain Fried Chicken served with skillet baked macaroni and cheese, and garlicky green beans. Our Kinston belle couldn't resist the starches, though, and substituted beans with butter whipped potatoes, which were as de-lish as they sound. Selection numero dos was good and GOOD all around! The meat was juicy and flavorful and the sides were truly irresistable. In all seriousness, Gunz just about had to throw some 'bows to fight us off of her mac n' cheese!

Now our beauiful bride-to-be branched out and ordered the Georgia Goat Cheese & Corn Agnolotti- that's fancy for HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH! With truffle, peas & carrots, this dish had Jones doin' cartwheels in her britches with every bite... Seriously, though, I've never seen this sweet pea get so ansy every time someone asked for a lil' taste; Bunny loved her food and for a moment had us convinced she'd rather spend the night with her ravioli, than her fiance!
That said, one can imagine who was the winner of the Clean Plate Award: why Miss Joni-kins herself, of course! We actually caught her pulling a T-Bomb at one point and scraping the sauce off of the plate with her fingers and licking it.... That was almost as clutch as our second place CPA winners, who were caught lapping the remnant off their plates... classy!

Have we yet to mention the fabulosity that served our dinner that night?? Nicole was a dove and a fiiiiiiiine one at that. We'd give her the Spoon award for being too cute if such a thing existed, but it doesn't... so instead, ask for the hottie with the nose ring when you stop in.

After dinner, she pleasantly surprised the birthday girls with a Chocolate Molten Cake, served hot with ice cream and a candle. If you think for a second we quietly took that treat and smiled a "patsy face" and went on our merry way, then you couldn't be more wrong. Our group insisted on sitting on one side of the extra long booth and burst into the loudest happy birthday song the restaurant will ever see in its patronage. Half a line into the song, the entire dining room was facing our direction and joined the singing in celebration- it was perfection!
It's moments like this where a lil' lady stops to praise the dear Lord for His abundant grace in best girlfriends like these! With that and a personal birthday wish, the candle was blown and post dinner fun began.
First, we annihilated the molten cake, which erupted in hot melted chocolate with a slight stab of the fork. Evidently we liked it! Either that, or we're just women that will inevitably act ravenous at any opportunity to bask in a warm array of chocolate goodness... I mean... for dessert... like in a restaurant... sheesh...

The rest of the night brought about typical flapdoodle that is naturally expected when two or more of us gather. By far the best part of hanging out was the JCT Bar upstairs. With a drink in hand, we mosied up to the fabulous outdoor bar with lounge chairs and high tops for continued celebration the way estrogen knows best. Paparazzi moments were had overlooking the incredible view of midtown, as these ladies don't need to be asked twice to pose for a foto.
It's AWESOME up there, and evidently on a good night you might catch the likes of Francisco Vidal (or another fun singer/songwriter who's easy on the ears) playin' a tune you'd like to sing along to. But we didn't need any extra entertainment this night- there was plenty of natural charisma to fill our evening to the brim.

Giggles were had, sha-sheen-ahs were grabbed, wisdom was shared, and mistakes were declared. We even got to see Gunz' mulberries!

All in all it was a perfect night, with perfect food and perfect company. So take our advice: Put your big girl panties on, ask him/her out and treat them to a night of bliss in West Midtown.

See you sweet cheeks in a few weeks. November calls for extra celebration for our favorite bride, so stay tuned... booses 'til then!

1198 Howell Mill Road, Ste. 18, 30318